Day 2

This morning (March 31st) Rachana told me that she got up many times during the night and that I slept like a baby! Not the sign of a caring husband. I asked if I snored and disturbed her; when she answered negative, I ended the topic on a high note.

Dr. Vusirikala visited us around 10 am and asked Rachana to be mobile and not in the bed all day. She said a routine will keep her busy, occupied and moving – all good things. Rachana was partially sedated with the Benadryl IV and Steroids given to control the platelets transfusion reaction; so not a great time for the Drill Sargent talk!

The Dr. clarified my previous misunderstanding about the spinal fluid test deciding if a bone marrow transplant is required.  We now understand that the spinal fluid test will show if the cancer cells are in the spin/nervous system and that will decide if they need to inject chemo in the spine as well. If the spine is ‘infected’ then there is a possibility that they will inject chemo in the spine every other day. This test was done around 1 pm today and the results will be back in 2-3 days.

The results from bone marrow biopsy, especially the foundation one testing done in Boston will sequence the tissues from the bone marrow and give very specific and detail data for the doctors. This result will be back in 2-3 weeks and then the doctors can decide what extra treatments and new drugs they can add over and above the usual regiment. Basically they can personalize the treatment based on her genomic sequence. This test will also determine if a bone marrow transplant is needed for Rachana. Also, she said that after remission (initial treatment/cure), a bone marrow transplant is the only solution if she relapses (cancer reoccurs).

So we wait for the results from the Spine and Bone Marrow tests and hope it’s better than the other result we were closely watching this morning.