Kids visit

Last night (March 30th) they allowed the kids to come and meet. It was a exception and a full drill. First they had a nurse meet everyone in the hospital lobby and escorted us through the service/staff elevators which is a back entrance to the 11th floor. The kids had to wash hands and wear masks and they were all excited in anticipation. They were showed into a ‘Family Room’ and then I brought Rachana into the room. The visit was the best drug she received all week. Her face glowed, all aches were gone and she ate a sizable amount of food. Shout out to the ladies from Castle Hills for the food, especially Srikhand. The other day when Didi brought some upma and khichadi, that too was enjoyed.


Just before the first chemo started we had a sign of things to come – a beautiful day with a colorful rainbow.


The first chemo was around 9pm and uneventful, it was basically two small pouches that got connected to her IV ports. We had our Roku hooked to the TV and watched a episode of House of Cards while she ‘sipped’ the wonder drug.

In the morning (Mar 31) they gave platelets infusion to which she had a reaction with chills, aches and violent shivering. They gave some steroids to calm her down and she slept after 15 mins of pain and discomfort.  They have to give one more platelets unit (reactions are expected again). The platelets are to prepare her for the spinal tap later today, where they will extract some spinal fluid and also inject chemo that’ll hit the nervous system. The spinal fluid will be tested to see if she needs a bone marrow transplant.