Day 4 – Good news today

Dr. Vusirikal had some great news this morning (Apr 2). She said Rachana had walked in with around 17% of leukemia in her blood (not to confuse with the 76% of leukemia within her WBCs) and this morning it’s down to 0.9%, that in 4 days! Now I’m no mathematician but I’ll say that’s a pretty significant improvement. The Dr is feeling confident that she’ll be in remission in 4 weeks.

Today’s chemo was Pegaspargase which is given only twice, so it must be good at what it does. Day 4 and day 28 are the only two times Rachana will get this drug in her chemo schedule. Like all chemo it has some pretty serious side effects including pancreatitis so they’ll be watching for signs of this including stomach aches. Rachana slept through most of the day and was nauseated a bit. Other than being tired and nausea, no other trouble.

In the evening we had a Video conference/ Facetime with our friends in River Trails West. Everyone was wonderful, concerned, happy to see her progress and once again asked us to lean on them for any help. Later in the day she also checked in with the gang in Castle hills. Didi came in with pongal and awial for dinner. On our evening walks in the hallway Rachana was commenting how blessed we are to have such wonderful family and friends.


2 thoughts on “Day 4 – Good news today

  1. Hi sangeet and rachna,
    This is Priya and Max from Columbus. REad your blog completely, we are thinking and praying for you guys. We hope she is in remission soon and can return home to kids and normalcy soon. If there is any way at all we can help we would love to. Good luck and stay positive , rachna can beat this especially with such love and support from family and friends!


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