Day 5 – It’s kids day

The kids came today (Apr 3rd). They brought some paintings and sang for mama. Here is a video

Last night she didn’t sleep well. Yesterday’s chemo left her with nausea, uneasiness and  a metallic taste in her mouth. She was tired and generally uneasy. Finally she asked for a sleeping pill around 2 am and slept well the rest of the night. Full disclosure: It’s embarrassing that I’m sleeping all night and waking up only once in a while.

This morning Dr. Vusirikala was very happy with Rachana’s progress. She said red blood and platelet counts were up on their own – which is great news. The liver and other key organs are responding well – so chemo’s side effects are under control. In the Dr’s words – Rachana is doing great and is above average in her recovery.

2 thoughts on “Day 5 – It’s kids day

  1. Sangeet, firstly worry not. Things will be good soon, already the results r showing positive. Our prayers r with u for rachanas recovery. May god bless u all n give rachana the strength to fight the disease. Take care…..vijaya didi


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