Day 6 – Numbers don’t lie

Last night was tough. Physically she was good but was mentally beaten. Kids visit helped but left her worried.

IMG_20160404_173132420This morning (Apr 4) the doctor repeated her sunny forecast. All numbers are showing progress. Her hemoglobin is 9.1, up from 7 (12 is normal) and it’s up on it’s own. Platelets are still low at 23k (150k is normal) and falling so they might give a platelets transfusion in a few days. Body’s immunity is still very low with WBC at 1.4k (5k is normal) but stable. Reports suggests the liver, pancreas, lungs and heart are good and responding well to the chemo. She is not showing a lot of side effects. But the Dr. did say that chemo does have cumulative effect. She just had one chemo cycle, the second will add to it, the third more. So right now things look good and it surely is a great thing, but it might get rough. Walking is something the Dr. emphasized again explaining that the steroids she gets can weaken muscles and the best way to deal with that is to use the muscles – by walking and stretching. Rachana and I walk the hallways 2-3 times a day.

Rachana has been enjoying home food almost everyday now. Between Didi, Mummyji, Smita and the Castle Hills friends, she’s been having good food and company. You can see from the photo this evening, she was feeling very good.

Apart from the medication she receives through IV, here is Rachana’s heavy breakfast, medium lunch and light dinner.


4 thoughts on “Day 6 – Numbers don’t lie

  1. Great picture. Continue to keep the spirits high. You are doing all the right things, you’ll beat this. Wish you all the best blessings in the world.


  2. Her pic shows the pain she is going through but her smile shows her strength n ur support. Keep it going both of you, all our wishes with you.


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