Day 9 – The feeling better clock resets

The second round of chemo is definitely having a cumulative effect. Rachana was already tired last night after the chemo and this morning’s diarrhea and vomiting made it worse. Throwing up and diarrhea beats down the best of us, so you can imagine her condition. The doctor says this is expected as the side effects of chemo will be the strongest for 1-2 days. So that means, and our experience backs this up, her feeling better clock resets every Wednesday night when she gets the chemo. Thursday/Friday will probably be the worst and Monday/Tuesday the best.  She takes nausea meds before and after eating, just to keep the little she eats, inside. Since she’s been here, her weight has steadily dropped a pound a day on average. I’ll discuss this with the doctor tomorrow.

Last night we sneaked in another visit with the kids, but Rachana was very tired from the chemo and hardly spent 10-15 mins with them before retiring back to her room; remember she has to walk to another room to meet the kids as 12 years and under are not allowed in this unit. Rachana’s mom stayed with her overnight and I came home with the kids and her dad. Kids were excited to come home after almost 2 weeks with their cousins. Shubh was a champ (no surprise if you know him) in getting up early for school, after a particularly late night. He was excited to be back to school. On the home front, we hope to get back into a rhythm starting next week.


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