Day 10 – Let’s battle nausea day

Other than being tired, nausea has been a consistent issue. So today the doctors up’ed their game to tackle it. She is now on a scheduled nausea med routine, unlike the take-as-needed strategy. They also stuck a sea sickness patch behind her ear, which they have seen help other such cases. Scheduled meds + patch + chemo effects slowing should give her a few good days before Wednesday comes around again. This should also help with her appetite and weight loss. Since this morning her nausea episodes have reduced (not gone), she ate a healthy amount and walked the hallways 3 times for 5-7 mins each. About her weight loss, the doctors said they are monitoring the numbers and it’s no cause for alarm. They said if needed they can give nutrition through IV but they don’t expect that to happen with Rachana.

In the evening they transfused two bags of ‘cryo’, which sounds like something Superman would keep as a backup if Kryptonite fails him, which come to think of it, is kinda the situation Rachana is in anyways! Rachana’s blood clotting numbers are dropping (a side effect of chemo) and cryo is a blood product that will get those counts back to a stable number.

Rachana’s girl-friends from Castle Hills dropped by this evening to cheer her up. Boy, do they talk a lot. Most of the time, all four of them spoke together all at once and they all perfectly understood what each one said. There is probably some metaphysical explanation to this phenomenon that is outside my capacity to understand. I excused myself to spend some time in the lobby.


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