Day 13 – Appetite on the rise

Rachana’s appetite has definitely increased. She understands the important of a good diet and is putting extra efforts into eating good portions. Her nausea is under control and that is a big plus. Her blood coagulation numbers were off so they gave 2  more units of cryo. Tylenol and benadryl were given before the transfusion and those knocked her out during the transfusion.

Here is what Rachana’s typical day looks like…

  • Nurse checking in every 1-2 hrs just to see how she is doing. If she is sleeping they just ask me and leave.
  • Temp, blood pressure, breathing, and oxygen intake checks every 3-4 hrs. Rachana hates these in the night and the nurses are apologetic, but they have to do what they have to do.
  • Meds at the right time; there are some every 4 hrs, some every 8 hrs, some with food, some at a specific time and some as needed.
  • Full blood test every 2nd day. This is usually done between 3 and 4 am and it isn’t through the ports, they prick her every time for this. No matter how often this is done it’s still painful, even to watch.
  • Depending on the blood counts she get one or more units of Red blood, Platelets or Cyro transfused.
  • A fellow (a doctor who is undergoing specialization) comes in around 9 am to check on us. They explain us the numbers and ask if we have any concerns or questions
  • The doctor (with a bunch of fellows and the nurse) comes around 11 am. This is same like the fellow’s visit but we tend to ask more questions. She also discusses any new reports.
  • Rachana usually gets up around 7-8 am, has breakfast around 9 am, lunch around 1-2 pm and dinner around 7 pm.
  • She takes 2-3 walks of 10-14 mins each. When she’s in the bed you can see that she is tired, but you get the full sense of her tiredness when she gets up to walk.  The effort she puts to get up and walk is most commendable.
  • She brushes 2-3 times, rinses with a special mouthwash 3-4 times, showers daily and then uses a special wipe 2-3 hrs after shower (to keep the bacteria on the skin off), makes 8-10 trip to the bathroom; she receives IV fluids 24 hrs a day and so pees a lot (we’re told this fights infections by cleaning the body)
  • Her entertainment is Facetime with kids, anything on Food Network, House of Cards or Revenge on Netflix – she wants to bing watch given the opportunity but is too tired to watch TV for more than 20-30 mins.

7 thoughts on “Day 13 – Appetite on the rise

  1. Two weeks down… Hopefully in two more, you’ll be home. So many friends and family praying for you everyday, I have no doubts you will be well soon. I know these two weeks are going to be tough, but you have shown such strength, and Sangeet, your positivity is commendable. Hang in there guys…. It’ll be over soon.

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  2. Rachana, keep up your spirits, I know you will overcome this hardship with your sweet smile. You have lot people to help you and pray for your quick recovery. So keep going, when all this is settled you will be surprised to realize how strong you are.

    Bravo Sangeet.


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