Day 14 – Mouth sores

Chemo is designed to kill rapidly growing cells, like cancer. But it also kills other healthy fast growing cells, like the ones that line the mouth, causing mouth sores. Rachana was complaining about a sensitive mouth for 2-3 days and now has full-blown mouth sores. So, the nausea is under control and she has an appetite but having difficulty eating and swallowing. We’ll have to cut back on her spice level and the namkeen she’s been enjoying that her mom carried from India. For the last 2 days we were happy that she was eating well and then this curve ball.

Blurry vision is another thing she started complaining about. As expected, the doctors explained that chemo does that sometimes. They said it’ll ‘come and go’ and it’s just temporary. Rachana and I did a quick unscientific test and she almost beat me; I’m guessing she was in the go part of the come-and-go cycle, or maybe it’s time for me to get an eye test. I’m sure the doctors here can fix me up a quick test, I’m practically a resident of this facility myself.

Tomorrow is chemo day. This is the third of four planned doses. Given the cumulative effect she has experienced so far, she’ll have to muster all her forces for the next 4-5 days. If her mouth sores can be controlled, she’ll be ok. Chemo is typically around 8 pm and round noon they might give a unit or two of platelets as that’s at 12 and they intervene when she hits 10. Hemoglobin is sitting pretty at 9.5 and ANC was at 40 and dropping.

A couple of big days ahead!