Day 18 – Birthday party

All 15 of us were here together; Daddyji, Mummyji, Papa, Mummy, Rajeev, Didi, Alaap, Smita, Yash, Anika, Shubh, Aarav, and Rashi + Rachana to celebrate yours truly’s Four-O. Rachana had a HUGE surprise for me, it seems months ago she started asking a few of my friends to send a video message wishing me a Happy Birthday. She compiled them all in a 10 min video. It was GREAT to see them all, some I hadn’t seen for a while. This was wonderful. She also had plans to make 40 of my fav dishes, but I guess she’ll have to find 10 more and do it again in a decade. It was great day. Rachana had a little fun too.


Rachana’s primary concern still is mouth sores. I can see her shudder a bit with every swallow. She understands the importance of nutrition and is trying hard to get a few morsels in. The doctors say it’s likely that her entire GI tract might get effected and become sensitive. Pain control is really the only thing they can do, which keeps her in a constant state of dizziness.

For now, we are looking at the next 7-8 days with the hope of ANC rising so it can cure the sores and praying for the bone marrow biopsy on Apr 26th to show her in remission.

One thought on “Day 18 – Birthday party

  1. Thank u Rachana for cooperating so well. It was a short n sweet affair. .AGL for further tests. U will overcome all the pains. Just lil more patience is required. Take care n keep the good work gg.


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