Day 20 – Rachana might need your help

Currently Rachana is not scheduled for a bone marrow transplant but it might become necessary at a later stage. We don’t know yet which way this’ll go and how fast it’ll be needed. In the last 2 weeks we were getting her siblings tested to see if they are a potential match. Siblings are the first choice but unfortunately they are not a match. The next step is to search in the National Bone Marrow Registry to see if they can find a match. Usually people of the same ethnicity have a higher possibility of a match and unfortunately there aren’t that many Indians in the US registry.

So, I request you to please register yourself – you could be a match with Rachana and a potential donor. For now all you need to do is

  1. Go to and click the Join button. It’ll take about 20 mins to complete the online process. At the end of the registration you can order the testing kit. I did this myself a few minutes ago.
  2. In about 2 weeks you will receive a kit with 4 cotton swabs
  3. You run these on the inside of your cheeks and mail it back. Detailed instruction will be emailed with a video link.
  4. Send me your nine digit number so I can forward it to Rachana’s doctor

Time is of the essence as this process takes about 30-40 days and we just don’t know when she might need it. Whether you are a match with Rachana or someone else, you will still have a choice to proceed or not.

The above is for people in US. In Canada you can follow instructions on this site


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