Day 23 – Two steps ahead, one step back

The brain MRI came out good. The doctors were looking to see if there were any lumps, swelling, blood clots, internal bleeding, leukemia in nervous system, etc that might have caused the blurry vision issue. Thankfully this came out negative. The Ophthalmologist came in the afternoon and did a bunch of tests and confirmed that he does not see anything wrong with her eyes. He suggested trying reading glass to see if that helps. He looked at all the drugs and said there is nothing that can cause permanent damage and suggested this’ll go away when chemo stops.

The second issue they were worried about yesterday was the presence of some blast cells in her blood. The flow cytometry results came out good too. These blast cells were probably the result of growing blood counts rather than leukemia. Another sigh of relief.

Mouth ulcers are still a issue but getting slightly better. Rachana is eating a tiny bit more, but the pain exists. The doctors say they can visually see the ulcers getting better but that didn’t mean much to her.

Dr. Patel explained that they will be able to use Gaurav’s (Rachana’s brother) stem cells if Rachana needs a Bone Marrow Transplant. Gaurav is a half match. Her sister is a no match. It seems there have been recent development where they have a process through which they can make a sibling’s half match work. So it looks like we have a backup plan if Rachana requires a bone marrow transplant. But I’ll still encourage everyone to register and Join the Bone Marrow Registry. You could save someone’s life.

In spite of being on the birth control pill since we came here, because she cannot afford to lose any blood, Rachana got her period this evening. Definitely a set back as we are expecting her blood counts to increase and this will slow it down a bit. We’ll see what the doctors do tomorrow.

She had a much better day today than the last 4-5. She actually spoke with the kids for a while; usually she would just watch them on facetime. In the evening Smita dropped by with food and also pampered her a little. Nail Paint