Day 24 – Slow progress

We’ll take that, slow progress over no progress. Rachana is looking a little better and talking a little more; all good signs. She takes a good 30 mins of rest to recoup from 10 mins of talk, that’s how weak her body is.

The doctors have increased the dosage of the birth control pill in an attempt to control her period. This is just added to her weakness. But other than that things were good today. She ate better, walked a bit and chatted with family and friends. According to the dietitian she is now consuming about half of her daily calories, but that’s ok as it’s better than 2-3 days ago.

I stopped by home today, after maybe more than a week. The kids were excited to see me. Both of them wanted me to stay but I explained that mama cannot be alone in the hospital. Perhaps tomorrow I’ll spend a night with the kids while Rachana’s mom stays here. The kids need some attention too, they’ve been so cooperative till now.

4 thoughts on “Day 24 – Slow progress

  1. Sangeet, I am really proud of you my Freind, you are always steady in maintaining emotions, consistent in paying detailed attention to all aspects around you. Keep it up, you are special.


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