Day 25 – Kids day out

I had a great reason for not writing the blog last night – I was spending the evening with the kids. We had a great time just kidding around the house, read a book and slept all snuggled up. They spent an hour at the hospital yesterday (Apr 23). Before reaching the hospital the kids had their favorite drink, Mango Lassi, when they lunched out with me.  Giving some attention to the kids was long overdue.


Rachana’s numbers are definitely getting better. Yesterday the ANC was 160, up from 10 about 3 days ago. She was having some back pain but the doctors are thinking it might be the bone marrow working again. It seems the biggest bone that has the most marrow is the back/hip bone and that is exactly what is aching a bit. But the internal progress her body is showing is clouded by increase in mouth ulcers pain. The doctors have now decided to try one more new medicine for mouth sores and also change the pain killer to try one with is a little non-drowsy. It think she will start feeling much better in 2-3 days now.

We are fortunate to work and live in a country where we can focus on things we can influence and trust the system to manage the things that are out of our daily control, especially when it comes to health care. In these last few weeks, we were not worrying about the hospital’s efficiency, their cleanliness, the food service (although Rachana would have loved to order some Indian food), the doctor’s competency, their access to state-of-the-art equipment, their need to order and analyze any tests, their ability to give any drug or treatment, and the cost associated with all these world class services. These are the things that are quite important but are outside our influence in the short term. Thanks to where we work and live, we are not worried about these things. We are able to provide the best of the medical services Rachana needs, without any worry. All the energy we can muster can focus on the personal aspects of her recovery. Thanks to family and friends, even the mundane daily chores and logistical issues are managed with ease. We feel so blessed!