Day 27 – Turning a corner, maybe?

Rachana is now taking pain medication at a more regular frequency and mouth ulcers pain seems to be under control. Her ANC is now at 470 and if the trend continues she’ll be above 500 by tomorrow and that means she can stop doing the wipes as her body can handle the normal bacteria on skin; one step closer to living a normal life. She walked the hallways twice for a total of about 30 mins and her appetite is also coming back slowly.

The doctor clarified that the bone marrow biopsy will be done on Wednesday April 27th, not Tuesday, and we’ll probably have preliminary results on Thursday. If those results look good and her blood counts can demonstrate that it can handle normal body functions including healthy ANC to fight infections, then she’ll be sent home. We think she’ll be back home by the weekend.

The day was great till around 6-ish. Trouble started with nausea and then she threw up, which was followed by stomach ache which is still on as I write this update. This one took a emotional toll as she was otherwise fine and started reflecting that one thing or another is troubling her. She was in tears for a while, I don’t think it was because of the pain.

One thought on “Day 27 – Turning a corner, maybe?

  1. Dont loose hope, Rachana. U r strong enough to handle the situation. Little bit of more courage n soon u will b out of this phase. Pl do maintain ur mental caliber as u did tilldate. Just few more days n u will b marching home with a winning smile humm, so start practising ur luvly smile from this v moment itself. Take care. MGBU.


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