Day 28 – Slight detour

Last night was rough for Rachana, the stomach pain didn’t let her sleep. The pain medication helped a bit but didn’t solve it. This morning the doctors suggested a CT Scan of the stomach to make sure there are no internal infections. Also her blood counts dropped; ANC fell to 320 (from 470) and Hemoglobin was down to 6.4; as this is below 7 they gave a unit of blood. She had a good breakfast but then slept most of morning because of the Tylenol and Benadryl which was given before the blood transfusion to manage any reactions. She did catch up on the sleepless night while getting some blood (that sounded like a script from Dracula)

In the evening Rachana complained again about the stomach ache getting worse. A doctor stopped by and did a physical exam and said he does not feel/hear any emergency that prompts him to call ER or Surgery. He said the CT scan will tell us if there has been any internal infection. On questioning further he said that we should not read too much into the falling blood counts or the stomach ache as these could just be side effects of chemo and not an indication of what we might see from the biopsy. She had a late lunch and has been fasting since the evening as required for CT Scan. Around 11 pm they took her to another floor for the CT scan. We’ll know the results tomorrow am.

Overall a dizzy, uncomfortable, achy day for Rachana.  All these issues have eroded a bit of our confidence that we’ll be home within this week. Can’t wait for the next two days to go by so we can learn what good the last 4 weeks of treatment did. A month ago, on March 29th, her bone marrow showed 83% lymphoblasts or cancer cells. The hope is it’s now close to 0% or at least less than 5%. Time will tell.