Day 29 – Oh the anticipation

The CT scan of the stomach came back all clear. There was no infection. The doctors think it’s the sores/ulcers, same as the mouth, that are troubling the stomach. It’ll heal as the blood counts, the white blood cells, the ANC keep rising to normal levels.

The bone marrow biopsy was done this afternoon. It was a 45 minute procedure where they got some blood from within the bone and the actual marrow. If you have the stomach to see it, here is the biopsy video. This is the last few minutes where they pulled the marrow out. These two bottles will tell how soon Rachana will go home. The thing in the blue bottle is the bone marrow.

Bone Marrow

A intrathecal chemo injection (injection into the spine) was also given today as a preventive measure to continue to keep leukemia from reaching the spinal column and the central nervous system.

She has been drowsy all day today because of the stuff they gave her during these procedures. Hopefully she’ll be good tomorrow. Today she ate well and looks like the mouth ulcers are healing.

Tomorrow is a big day!