Tough week

It was a tough week for Rachana. The chemo injection in the spine is causing much discomfort with aches that travel from the mid back to the head. It’s usually better when she lies down; so the 3 trips we had to make to the clinic this week were not good. She is now lying down flat in the back seat, which seem to be better than sitting for the ride. The doctor suggested a ‘blood patch’ procedure to help with the headache which involves injecting some of her blood into the spine which helps reduce headaches. Rachana did not want one more poke in her spine and instead is managing with Tylenol, which is not very effective.

On Thursday her hemoglobin dropped to 6.9 which prompted a blood transfusion on Friday morning. Her ANC (body’s infection fighting cells) dropped to 100 on Monday but were up to 200 by Thursday; 1000 is a healthy number. The doctors have reminded us to keep her safe in a well protected environment as her body cannot fight any infections.

Rashi threw up 3-4 time last afternoon and that worried everyone. The last thing we want is a sick kid at home passing on something to Rachana. I took Rashi to a walk-in and she had a great time relaxing in the hospital bed, watching a cartoon, eating a popsicle and generally having a good time. They gave her a nausea med and sent us home saying it was probably just food poisoning or a possible viral. Just to be safe we sent the kids to my brother’s place for the weekend. On the way to his house Shubh threw up in the car and had fever, which seems to be under control this evening. So definitely they have something in their system and hopefully will not have to take antibiotics, which can keep them at my brother’s place for a few days.

Rashi’s school is done for this year and Shubh’s last day at school is this coming Wednesday. On one side it’s a relief that they won’t get any germs from school but on the flip side we’ll now have two devils at home all day; on most days mama loves the little devils but it’s not fun with you have a severe headache and the kids can’t stop being loud  and running around.

We now have a physiotherapist visiting Rachana twice a week. The doctor ordered this as she having very little physical movement. The first visit was a write-off because of the headache and spine ache and the physio didn’t want to aggravate it. Rachana still has two more doses of chemo in the spine scheduled for the next two Mondays and she is already anxious about it. The rest of the chemos are through IV which is a much simpler process to administer.

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