It’s in you to give

My sister had volunteered for a few marrow registry drives and on Saturday she had her own drive at the Dallas Yoga Festival. My brother and a few friends helped and they added 32 people the registry. Follow their efforts on

The odds of someone finding a match is low so the more people in the registry the better.  A single match leading to a saved life is enough to keep this going.Drive

It’s embarrassing that I never donated blood till date. Better late than never; I donated a pint of blood over the weekend. It was quick and relatively easy and I definitely plan to do this every 2 months. Till date Rachana received about 15 units of blood and it’ll take me a while to just repay that! I love the Canadian Blood Service’s slogan ‘It’s in you to give’
HemoglobinThis is a graph of Rachana’s hemoglobin count over the last 20 days and it matches quite nicely with her ‘I’m feeling good’ graph. The reason for the rollercoaster is the chemo that kills good cells along with bad cells bringing the graph down and the up swings is her marrow working hard to generate new blood and also the clinic transfusing a unit of blood every time it drops below 7.

This, ofcourse, was the Father’s Day weekend and we had the family over to our house for a BBQ. Rachana was feeling good and it was a great evening.