Tired of being tired

Well, it looks like the stretch of feeling-good lasted for 2 short weeks. This week was a step back. Basically she was fatigued and having bouts of nausea. Early in the week her counts were ok but she was feeling very weak. On Tuesday she had difficulty getting up from the bed and was sweating. The doctor said it could be the chemo working. Nausea definitely made a comeback. This whole week she consistently felt nauseated and threw up once almost every day. Throwing up on a good day shakes you up, but being tired to begin with is double whammy. She cancelled the physiotherapist’s visits this week, which typically is twice a week and helped her in recent weeks.

By Friday her hemoglobin was down to 6.8 and they transfused a unit of blood which perked her up a little bit for a day and then she was back to feeling tired. It’s difficult to explain in words what she is experiencing. She tries to walk around the house but can only do it for 1-3 mins. She tries to sit out in the patio or in the kids room or watch TV, but can manage those again for just a few mins. The other day she tried to make breakfast and had to take a few breaks. It’s like she’s tired of being tired, wants to do something just to realize that she is tired and can’t do it. But she is in good mood. The kids keep doing their antics and that keeps her engaged and happy.

She now weighs 120 lbs, which is the best she’s been in the last 2 months. I think she was 120 when we left the hospital at the end of April and then quickly dropped to 115 with the rough first 4 weeks of Phase 2 and slowly climbed up. Her appetite has reduced but the stable weight says that it’s not bad.

This coming Tuesday June 28th is the last day of phase 2 and then she get a break for a week. They expect her ANC to climb to 750 and Platelets to 75k in that one week break, else the break will be extended as she has to be at these minimum counts before phase 3 can start, which is scheduled for July 11th. This Friday her ANC was at 300 and Platelets at 20k. The standard counts in a health body is ANC at 150-740 and Platelets at 150k to 450k