Party weekend

MovieWe saw a movie…. in a theater…. with strangers around us!

Since Rachana’s treatment started we are told to avoid crowds to reduce chances of catching an infection as her immune system is extremely weak. This weekend Rachana’s counts were at par with any other healthy person and she maximized on the opportunity.  We saw the movie Sultan at a local theater and enjoyed it. On Friday we ate momos (Nepali dumplings) at a local Nepali joint on the way back from the clinic. On Saturday we joined our neighbours for a brunch; later that evening her friends from my brother’s neighbourhood dropped by to visit her and the guys took me out for a few drinks. On Sunday the family came to Fort Worth. It was an action packed and entertaining weekend.

The kids had a great few days too. Last weekend they were at my brother’s place with trips to the local Home Depot for a crafts project, a birthday party, a games arcade and July 4th fireworks. They spent this weekend at my sister’s place with a trip to a waterpark. Oh the joys of having siblings and parents around, and great friends and neighbors!

kids water

The week didn’t start well though. The visit to the ER and hospital last Tuesday dragged for a full week. Basically, the fever was under control with antibiotics but would resurface when it was stopped. The doctors could not find any infection and concluded that it was because of low blood counts. To boost the counts they gave her Neupogen injections with a warning that this can cause deep pain in the bones. By Tuesday the counts started coming up, they stopped the antibiotics and fever was also gone. They wanted to keep her under observation for another day before sending us home. But on Tuesday evening she had a nasty episode; she had the worst pain she ever had. Rachana described it as a sharp pain, very deep inside the bones which was everywhere from her hip down and also feeling paralytic. She was hurting and terrified. The doctor ordered a Dilaudid injection and it was magic. By the time the nurse was half way through the dose, Rachana told me that she was feeling warm throughout and the pain was gone. Narcotic abuse is addictive and life threatening but it’s proper use is nothing short of life saving. The next day she was all good, with the pain under control and no fever. The doctors decided to keep her there for another day to make sure it’s uneventful and sent us home on Wednesday.

Phase 3 starts on Monday, she’ll get chemo every 10 days and tests in between till the end of August. I’m guessing that given the fact that her counts are at an all time high and the chemo cycles are a little further apart, this phase might be slightly easier on her than phase 2. Fingers crossed!


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