Rough week

This has been a rough week for Rachana . Chemo, tired, aching, nausea, low counts and finally a blood transfusion to stabilize things. On Monday she received chemo intravenously (IV) and also intrathecally (IT) i.e. in the spine. The IT procedure is never pleasant; they first inject a numbing medicine in the muscles around the spine, which… Read More Rough week

The new normal

Our 900 sqft condo in Toronto was just right until we moved to a 1200 sqft apartment in Fort Worth and now the current 3500 sqft house seems just right. Humans are fantastically adaptive and our ‘new normal’ get defined and redefined quickly. This week Rachana’s blood counts were good but she did have a few incidents of… Read More The new normal

A good week

Rachana’s PICC line was removed from her arm about three weeks ago and the nurses are now using the port in her chest to draw blood for tests and give any IV transfusions, including chemo. Accessing the port is essentially a procedure of firmly pushing a 1-1.5 inch needle into her chest i.e. into the port which was surgically placed… Read More A good week