The new normal

Our 900 sqft condo in Toronto was just right until we moved to a 1200 sqft apartment in Fort Worth and now the current 3500 sqft house seems just right. Humans are fantastically adaptive and our ‘new normal’ get defined and redefined quickly. This week Rachana’s blood counts were good but she did have a few incidents of aches, tiredness, and nausea. She felt particularly bad because this happened when her new normal didn’t include these disturbances, thanks to about 10 days of near zero issues. We were reflecting back to the month of April in the hospital or the first few weeks in May, which were very difficult. In those months, the last few days would have been a welcome relief.

This weekend I participated in another drive to sign up more people into the Bone Marrow Registry. This one was at the India Association of North Texas’s Indian Independance Day celebrations. It was a festive event and we signed up about 25 people. It was wonderful to hear that the group that I volunteer with had recently heard that two of the people they signed up were a match and made a life saving bone marrow donation. If you haven’t registered yet, please do. Here is some info to get started.