Mother’s Love

Moms are generally tough but have a weakness for their kids. This week, Rachana was emotionally quite beaten up because of Shubh.

On Sunday Aug 21st, Shubh woke up complaining about itches. We gave him benadryl but things escalated quickly and he was itching all over with red bumps throughout this body. I took him to urgent care and the first nurse thought it was chicken pox, the doctor said it not that but is probably hives/urticaria (rash due to food, plant or other irritants), but she also wanted to do a quick swab in the throat to test for strep throat. Sure enough, he was positive for Strep Throat which is a bacterial infection which inflames the throat and makes it sore and scratchy. The doctor said it not common but sometimes instead of a sore throat the first symptoms are a rash. She advised us to take care as he is contagious for the first 24 hrs until the antibiotics take effect. Rachana’s ANC was at 120 (1000 and up can protect her from infections) and so it was no surprise she was also tested positive for strep throat on Tuesday. So now Rachana is on an additional set antibiotics (she is so ‘sick’ of the number of tablets she pops every day) to help her overcome strep throat. Thankfully she is not having any sore throat or any other symptoms.

Shubh’s situation got worse early in the week and he was rash’ed up pretty bad. Rachana was tired to begin with and this situation took a major emotional toll. Her biggest complaint was that she could not care for her sick child. I’m sure all the mothers out there can understand this much better than I can attempt to write.


Shubh is almost recovered now; we hope the next few months he’ll be fine and not get infections from school. It’s actually quite remarkable that the kids did not infect Rachana in these last 5 months. We have to be more vigilant the next few months.  Rachana had a very low energy week. Her numbers were barely high enough for the chemo schedule to go ahead but those low counts + chemo made her more fatigued. Nausea impacted her a few times and joint pain was a new trouble that showed up this week. The last two weeks have been tough for her.

Looking ahead, things look a little brighter – all chemos of phase 3 are done and the only thing left in phase 3 is a bone marrow biopsy which is scheduled for Sept 6th. So that means the next ten days should be a up swing. Her blood counts are quite low and she will perhaps get a unit of blood transfused on Monday and that should give a jumpstart to a good next week. Fingers crossed!