Phase 3 chemos end

Last week was the last chemo of Phase 3. Rachana will undergo a bone marrow biopsy next week to make sure there are no traces of Leukemia and she is still in remission. The bone marrow biopsy marks the end of Phase 3. Phase 4 (the last phase) will start the week after next, if her blood counts are high enough, and last for 8 weeks. We can definitely see the finish line now.

Phase 3, the last 8 weeks, was generally good. We had a few low points but she was healthy and active most of the time.The reason for the relatively ease was the gap of 10 days between chemos in this phase, unlike other phases which had weekly chemo.

Shubh’s rashes are all gone and he’s back to school and having a great time. Rashi’s pre-K starts this coming Tuesday and she can’t wait. Rachana was feeling good enough that we all went out to celebrate my mom’s birthday, everyone had a great time especially the kids!

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