ICU Day 8 – Baby steps forward

Rachana is keeping up her fight and is getting better, but very very slowly. The doctors had told us that clearing this infection will be a marathon, not a sprint.

The chest x-ray don’t show any improvement in her lungs from yesterday, but the doctors are happy that she is off the BP regulating medicines and holding her BP well. They say this can also be an indicator that the antibiotics are working.

The ventilator settings have been changed to give her only 40% O2 compared to yesterday’s 55% and she is able to manage with that. It seems the regular air we breath has 21% O2 which is enough for us, but to keep her stable the machine was initially set to 80% O2 but had consistently dropped to 60%, 55% and now 40%. This means her lungs are working a little bit.

Many of you have asked how I’m doing and if I’m taking care of myself. The support of family and friends have made things a little easy. I’m following the airline industry’s guidelines for helping others; “Please put on your oxygen mask first, before assisting others.” I think it’s a fantastic philosophy for a caregiver. You need to the stable to be able to help someone. Today Rachana’s sister and I took turns to eat in the cafeteria and then go for a walk. It was a beautiful day.


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