ICU Day 10 – Glass half full

There is too much happening every day; each morning brings new information and results, and her condition changes throughout the day. Here is why the glass is half full…


  • She’s been off pressors for 3 days now. Pressors are meds to elevate low blood pressure. She is able to maintain the BP by herself.
  • All blood test, blood cultures, stool test, CT scans, ultrasounds and MRIs have not detected any other new infection or the spreading of the infection to other places. The only infection seems to be contained in the lungs.
  • Her fever seems to be under control. She did get have some significant spikes the last 2 days but it’s been under control for over 24 hrs now.
  • Her WBC and Neutrophils are in the normal range. 4-5 days ago they were at zero. This is a huge plus as now it’s not just the antibiotics but her body’s immune system has joined the fight against this infection or the spread of it. They were planning to do a WBC transfusion when she was at zero for a few days and that would have come with its own set of complications.
  • The tummy, gas, diarrhea trouble have stabilized and no longer seems to bother her.
  • The chest drain looks good and the CT showed no accumulation of fluid around her lungs


  • The comparison of the CT scans of the lungs from Oct 5th and Oct 10th show a worsening picture. The doctors has initially warned that things might get a little worse before we see a turnaround. The optimistic view is that the WBCs are mounting a response and that is causing inflammation of the lungs. The pessimistic view is that it’s not an inflammation but rather the infection is actually getting worse.
  • Her dependence on the ventilator has increased, compared to 2 day ago. This is in line with the fact that her lungs are not getting better and not picking any load.

The picture will get clear in a few days. We are all hoping that the antibiotics + WBCs + no other complications will get her on a path to recovery.

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  1. At least she seems a bit more stable in some ways. It looks like an improvement from yesterday. Thank you for going through the trouble and time to write this post keeping us updated. God be with you both.

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