ICU Day 15 – Slow but steady progress

For those who are reading these everyday and wondering where Day 14 went, I can understand the anxiety of not getting updates during these times, my bad. I took the evening off and spent time with the kids attending their cousin’s birthday party. I slept at 9:30, and from what I heard Rashi slept at 10:30 and Shubh around 11. They were pretty excited in the morning to remind me about this 🙂

For the last 2-3 days, each day is bringing a tiny bit of good news – and we are eating up every morsel. They have not found any other infection outside of the lungs, BP is still working great without any meds, xrays are improving although slowly, fever has been under 101 for more than a day, and the ventilator settings keep coming down. Today the ventilator was down to 40% O2 and 10 Peep. The O2 is where they want it and now the focus will be on reducing Peep, which they will probably slow down every day or two depending on how Rachana reacts. They want to get it down to 5 before trying to wake her up and do a breathing test. So if she keeps up the positive trend, in 4-5 days we should see her not needing the ventilator. That would be SO good!

The doctors have now started reminding us that step 1 is to get her off the ventilator, but after that there is going to be several weeks of antibiotics to get her lungs to become stable, before going through several weeks of rehab as she will be very weak and will have to slowly work on re-training her muscles and build strength.

It’s crazy how everything is relative. Three weeks ago if someone would have told us that in a few weeks Rachana will have to go to rehab to regain strength, we’d be all upset and worried. But now, the talk of rehab and strength training is music to our ears; getting off the ventilator will be great progress. I guess there’s a life lesson in there somewhere.


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