ICU Day 19 – She’s communicating

This morning was rough. She was again half awake, very agitated and aggressive. The doctors didn’t want to sedate her fully as they wanted to do the breathing test again. Because of the agitated state her heart rate was already around 140 and so they called off the breathing test. Around 2ish she was calm enough so I asked if they could do the test and they did. She lasted maybe 30 mins but was very agitated,her heart rate climbed up quickly, she started breathing very quickly and not deep enough to give her enough oxygen. Today’s test was worse than yesterday’s.

About 2 days ago the doctors started her on a medicine to reduce her delirium and also changed the sedatives to a different one that would not make her fully asleep but also keep her calm. They also said that it’ll take a few days to show the effect. Today around 4pm she started communicating a lot more. She started by looking directly when someone spoke to her, next she started nodding yes and no, then she started pointing at things and moving her mouth to say something. This is all wonderful stuff!

Our goal now is to keep her calm and rested so she can do the breathing test tomorrow without getting tired!


2 thoughts on “ICU Day 19 – She’s communicating

  1. I’m glad to hear that perhaps there is some improvement. I’m going to try and come to the hospital tomorrow. I hope she has a good night and is well rested for tomorrow.


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