ICU Day 25 – Reinflated Lung

The procedure they did yesterday to put the chest tube to help the collapsed lung seemed to have helped. This morning’s xray showed the right lung reinflated. What the doctors can’t say is if this will happen again. There are still many cysts on the surface of the lung and one or more of them could burst. The chest tube that is already in should pull out any excess fluid and air in the chest cavity. For now the lungs look inflated.

Rachana was quite awake and communicating a whole lot today. She was writing very well and able to say/ask everything she wanted. Her BP was under control without any meds, heart rate was fine and the ventilator setting went down to 50% O2 and 10 Peep. So overall she was clinically and mentally quite stable.

The doctors want her to be stable like this for 2 more days and they’ll then do the Tracheostomy and also put the feeding tube from the side of the stomach. She asked the doctors when it’ll be done, if she can talk after that and how long it’ll be in. All great questions!

She is now getting Physiotherapy everyday. It’s pretty tough on her but she is enduring it well. Two people helped her sit on the side of the bed and she is able to move her legs and lift them about 3-4 inches. They slowly removed their support and she was able to sit on her own for a few seconds. Yesterday she could not lift her head at all and it was just slouching down but today she had the strength to life it up once. So baby steps and she is trying very hard.

3 thoughts on “ICU Day 25 – Reinflated Lung

    1. She is stable Harshal. The numbers are good but she still is on the ventilator. They are planning a tracheostomy today. I’ll have a update tonight. Thanks for checking in


  1. Harshal, things remained status quo yesterday. Her numbers and overall health remained stable and so the Dr’s are going ahead with the Tracheostomy today. Sangeet will post an update later tonight.


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