ICU Day 34 – Two good days

I guess you cannot go lower than your heart stopping. So after that episode 2 days ago, Rachana has had a good rebound. Yesterday we had the kids drop by and Rachana was awake for about 4-5 hours, which has never happened in the last 30 days. The kids were excited to come see mama, and mama couldn’t stop asking when they’ll come. I’m sure her body got a good boost of adrenaline before and after the kids visit.


A bunch of our friends and neighbors came by to see her. She was surprisingly active and interacted with all her visitors.

Rachana definitely shows some signs of improvement. Her lungs are looking good as the chest tubes on both sides are doing their job. The ventilator is at low settings and she is comfortable. There are some signs that the infection is also getting better. The main concerns now remains the clots in her arteries. Today her feet and hands were more painful and the pain medications continue to go up. The tip of her toes are hardening up which is not a good sign. The doctors can’t do any procedure to remove the clots until her platelets climb up to around 50 and currently they hover around 10, that too with transfusions every 2-3 days. Her infection and general health has to continue to improve and that will reflect in a healthy bone marrow, which will reflect in increased platelet count. The first sign of progress will be the number of days between platelet transfusions. The longer the platelet takes to recover, the longer the clots will go untreated and that will increase the level of irreversible damage to her legs and hands. So now it’s a race against time.

6 thoughts on “ICU Day 34 – Two good days

  1. Good to see you sweetie…. Keep smiling n be strong… I know the path is very long but you have very strong support Sangeet ji with you… You can do it….. You are always in my thoughts and my prayers….

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  2. Good to see the lovely family. Lots of love, prayers and hugs your way Rachana and Sangeet. Everything will be good. Have faith in God.

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