ICU Day 42 – Cautiously optimistic

So many of you have enquired, messaged, called, wished, and prayed for Rachana. I cannot thank you all enough. When she is back to being healthy I’m sure she’ll be overwhelmed hearing about this support and encouragement. All those wishes and prayers have to help her, there is no other way!

Fever is now the best indicator of progress. If her lungs continue to be stable and fevers don’t occur, I think her body will be healthy enough to make and hold more platelets. With no fever in more than 48 hrs, the doctors have changed from a broad spectrum antibiotic to one that focuses only on staph infections. Sedatives were also switched off as the lungs are a little more stable and the ventilator settings are a little bit lower. Basically the hope is, if fever and lungs cooperate then they can keep reducing her medicines; and reducing medicines will help her body naturally grow the blood counts, which will give them the option to start blood thinners to manage the clots. She is now more awake (few seconds every few minutes) and is nodding yes/no when we ask her something.

Even the doctor said he does not want to say that fevers are gone and jinx it. So, please do what is appropriate in your culture to not jinx this. Knock on wood, do thu-thu, nazar ootaro, and pray that no-fever and stable-lungs continue to help her.

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  1. Surely sangeet, our best wishes. We shall continue to pray for her recovery. God is great. Keep going ……be strong n pass on it to Rachana.

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