ICU Day 50 – Stable but critical

50 days in the ICU, in one room, on one bed, and barely moving a few inches – let that sink in……….. well, the reality is much more difficult than what you perhaps imagined.

Rachana is stable but in critical condition, and the doctors think it’ll be like that for a while. Until she is on the ventilator she’ll be in the ICU. The last two days they tried to change the mode of the ventilator where she is more in control of the breathing rather than the machine pushing a certain amount, but she was getting tired in a few hours. Her ventilator support is minimal where a typical lung would be able to manage on its own, but after all these days, her body and muscles have become very weak and can’t manage normal functions. So it looks like she will stay on the ventilator till she has enough strength to breath on her own. They’ll probably keep switching the setting to breath on her own for a few hours everyday as an exercise. All that the doctors are doing is supporting her vital functions, while the antibiotics battle the infection and give her some room to get a little better.

The vegetation on the heart valve is still causing problems. Over the last few days the right index finger showed a new clot. The doctors say small pieces of bacteria are being flicked off the valve and it travels through the system and ends in clogging the smaller end points which are the fingers and toes. The doctors can’t do anything about this until the platelets come up. For now the platelets are holding their ground around 20, but that needs to be around 50 before blood thinners can be started to dissolve the clots.

I haven’t spoken about the kids in a while; I cannot stop feeling blessed to be a parent of such wonderful kids. They have been very cooperative and generally quite easy going in spite of the chaos around them. Rashi is extremely social, bubbly, and always happy, but takes her cues from Shubh. On his part Shubh is very caring, calm and thoughtful. They are like yin-yang and support each other very well. Till now we continued to have them in our house but it’s getting logistically difficult to support them as the rest of family is about an hour away. Our neighbors have been wonderful in helping out with the kids school commutes, but Rachana won’t be back home for a few months. So after much thought, we have moved the kids to my brother place. Currently they are spending their Thanksgiving week at my sister’s house with their older cousins, which is always filled with activities. They will be going to a new school with their cousin and friends and are actually pretty excited.

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    1. She is stable. Recovery will take a long time. I just posted a new update. You can also use the Follow button to get email updates when I post a new blog. Nothing much had changed so I took a few days.


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