Settled into a holding pattern

Predictable events are perhaps not exciting, but right now they are. Rachana’s health is quite stable and a little predictable now. She is breathing and eating without any assistance. This morning she walked about 200 steps without a sitting break. She does about 3 of these walks and about 15 mins in the gym each day; she is looking a little stronger each day.

But we are basically in a holding pattern now. The vascular surgeons want to wait till the antibiotics are over, or perhaps even 1-2 weeks after that, to do the procedure that clears the clots and restores optimal blood flow to her legs, which is a prerequisite for the foot amputations. The antibiotics are currently scheduled to run till Jan 18th. While we wait, the plan is to move to the rehab clinic and use this time to physically recover as much as she can, which will also assist in faster recovery post surgeries. We’ll know early next week when the move to rehab clinic will happen.

For many months now I’ve been swinging between two extremes when thinking about the medical profession. Most of the time I’m amazed at their capabilities; how the people in this profession and their machines can detect, control, support, mend and reverse things. At times I’ve also been left wanting for more; some machines could be improved, some procedures could be fine tuned, some people could benefit from a little more training, some issues seem to have solutions staring in the eye but they say it’ll be decades before those can be put to use. I think the medical profession is quite wide and deep but really no different from that of a mechanic or a watchmaker. I’m sure repairing a watch or some intricate machine is as delicate as surgery that requires many years of training. The thing that differentiates the medical professionals from other professionals in arts, science or engineering is – what’s at stake. The difference between helping a mother get back to her kids vs. fixing a car or a watch is what makes doctors special and more important. The medical technicians, nurses, doctors and researchers who get this, excel in their work. Rachana is lucky to be taken care by a few who get this.

7 thoughts on “Settled into a holding pattern

  1. Amazed and glad to know about this recovery, Hats off to Sangeet about the decisions with treatments you are a brave man. Rachana is a strong woman. You both are blessed and prayers for quicker recovery.

    Awesome and God bless.

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  2. It was so so nice to talk to Rachana. She is a brave lady in real sense. Loved to hear her giggle. Sangeet and Rachana you guys are always in our prayers. Keep the faith going and keep doing what you are doing. My love and hugs to the whole family.

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