In Physical Rehab

Early in the week Rachana was discharged from Clements University Hospital and admitted to Zale Lipshy Hospital, both part of the UT Southwestern system, which has a PMR (Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation) unit.

Each day has a regimented schedule which includes one hour of PT (Physical Therapy) and one hour of OT (Occupational Therapy) in the morning, and an hour of optional TR (Therapeutic Recreation), 30 min of PT, and 30 mins of OT in the afternoon. They also encourage us to go on walks in between, if she is up to it. The other day we went out of the hospital to get some fresh air, which she didn’t have the luxury of inhaling for over 3 months.

fresh-air-after-3-monthsOccupational therapy’s goal is to get you back to taking care of personal hygiene and daily living, i.e. get up, walk around, go to the toilet,  take a shower, dress yourself, etc.

Physical therapy’s goal is to get you back to your usual activities, whatever you were doing before the illness. They focus more on building strength and endurance.

Recreational therapy is fun activities to help you on the emotional front as well. They do stuff like flower arrangements, cooking, group lunch, games etc.

She is now doing about 10 mins of biking, 10 mins of walking and a bunch of other exercises to regain strength. Here are some videos of Rachana re-learning to do things we take for granted; sitting up from the bed, standing, walking and using the stairs.

The pulmonary doctors repeated a CT scan of the lungs and they see improvements. Fluid in the pockets are gone, some pockets/holes are gone but there are still some big holes that may never go away and she’ll learn to live with it. Seeing the improvements the antibiotics are scheduled to end on Jan 18th. After the completion of antibiotics, the vascular surgeons will operate to open up the arteries, and depending on how much blood is restored to the legs, the level of amputation on both feet will be decided. Since the feet are not infected and there is no urgency to operate on the legs, we have asked for a break for a couple of weeks to go home before starting the next marathon. So we might be home around the 18th 🙂

10 thoughts on “In Physical Rehab

  1. Sangeet…it is really satisfy to see the smile in her eyes….thanks for sharing daaa…..she will get more progress soon….Mathi


  2. God is great!!!! Great show of resilience from every member of you family!!!!! Prayers continue till she is back to normal as like before the illness!!!


  3. So happy to see you sweetie…. U r a Fighter dear…. Thank to God from bottom of my heart….
    We made so many plans if u remember…. Get well soon… N will execute them☺️☺️☺️…. Love n hugs to u…


  4. Great news and just see that smile on her face is so special.
    U have shown immense patience.
    God is really great 🙏🏼🙏🏼


  5. Oh my goodness! Thank God! I was going to go to the hospital tomorrow but I guess not. This is amazing news, I’m so very grateful. I’ll call tomorrow. Love you both.

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  6. We love you darling Rachna…..the strength of your spirit is beyond reality!! The recovery journey is going to be far easier than the treatment journey you have weathered, so far. Relish the love and comfort of your wonderful family now.

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