Looking better than what the files say

We changed our primary physician to one who is tied to UT Southwestern to make it easy to coordinate her care between the multitude of specialists. When we met the new primary physician her first words were “You are looking much better than what I expected reading your file”. There certainly is a glass-half-full message in there, but the reality is it’s crazy what Rachana has gone through. Here is the list of specialist she is seeing to make sure things don’t slip; Orthopaedic (foot) Surgeon, Vascular (arteries) Surgeon, Pulmonary (lungs) Specialist, Orthopaedic (hand) Surgeon, Physical Medicine & Rehab Specialist (prosthetics), Infectious Diseases Specialist, and an Oncologist (cancer). But if you meet Rachana and spend some time with her, except for the cast on her legs, you would not know what she has gone through. She does break down once in a while when it becomes difficult to do simple things or she is just tired of the struggles. But the human spirit, with the right attitude and support from family & friends, can definitely soar.

The cast over the amputations were changed mid last week. This clinic visit became very emotional when she saw her legs between the dressing/cast change; words fail me to explain how deeply painful that sight was for Rachana. It will take her a while to feel normal looking at her legs. The surgeon was quite satisfied with how the wound was healing and gave her the go-ahead to putting some weight on the right foot. A physiotherapist now sees her at home three times a week. Rachana is a good student; She does everything that is asked of her, including all the homework, enduring discomfort and stress that comes with pushing herself a little more each time.

If things progress the way they have in the past few days, in a couple of weeks the wound should fully heal, she should be able to put weight on both legs, and start the prosthetics part of the journey.

3 thoughts on “Looking better than what the files say

  1. I cant express my emotions, if i should be happy that she’s healing well with the amputation or she’s not going to be the same as before…It’s HARD!!! I just wish and pray everyone going thru this journey come to a happy and healthy end!!! Sending positive vibes to Rachana…

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  2. “Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars. – Khalil Gibran”
    Referring to the quote you had mentioned in your previous post, this says it ALL!!

    You both are in my thoughts and prayers………

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