Save a life

Here are some simple steps to register as a Bone Marrow Donor. At the bottom of the page you will also see links to becoming a WBC donor, which is equally important. Thanks for becoming a donor and savings someone’s life.

Bone Marrow Donation

how to save a life

Bone Marrow Registries

Blood Donation

In addition to registering for Bone Marrow Donation, you can also register and donate blood. You can google blood donation and find your local blood donation centers. There are different types of blood donations. One type of blood donation which is very relevant and needed for cancer patients is Granulocytes donations. When Rachana was fighting an infection, there was a time when her body was not producing WBCs and the doctors had started to search for a matching donor to give her this potentially life saving type of blood donation. Please reach out to your local blood bank and register yourself as a Granulocytes donor!

Follow our donor registration drives at

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