Rough week

This has been a rough week for Rachana . Chemo, tired, aching, nausea, low counts and finally a blood transfusion to stabilize things. On Monday she received chemo intravenously (IV) and also intrathecally (IT) i.e. in the spine. The IT procedure is never pleasant; they first inject a numbing medicine in the muscles around the spine, which… Read More Rough week


I personally, like almost half of UK and perhaps most of the world, was shocked by Brexit. I hope November is not as shocking as this, when the US elects its next President. On Tuesday June 28th, Rachana celebrated her ‘phrexit’; she exited Phase 2 of her treatment, which was exactly two months from the date she came home… Read More Phrexit 

Tired of being tired

Well, it looks like the stretch of feeling-good lasted for 2 short weeks. This week was a step back. Basically she was fatigued and having bouts of nausea. Early in the week her counts were ok but she was feeling very weak. On Tuesday she had difficulty getting up from the bed and was sweating. The doctor… Read More Tired of being tired